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Whitney Houston
Unitl You Come Back

I lost my heart
A long time ago
You make me feel
Like no one had before
Boy you make me love you
Then you walked out the door
Well I will not rest
Until you say I am forever yours

1 - And boy I won't stop at nothing
I won't give you up and
You've gotta feel sometthing I know
I will not love again
Until you come back
Come back to my arms
Till you come back to me baby
Until you come back (to me)

Don't care how long baby
It's not important to me
Don't care how far
Love's never too far for me
I just might be crazy
When it comes to my heart
But I can not rest
Until the day we're no longer apart

Repeat 1

Nobody plays with my heart
You can't walk away from it all
You can run but your heart cannot hide
Cause it knows you belong in my life

Repeat 1

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