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They Never Saw Me Coming

New nigga in town, everybody listen
I got a message for you
Don't want you to miss it
Gangstas make the world go round
As it was written
That's why at every show somebody trippin'
Now I like to smoke weed and drink
straight "yack"
And fuck with dime pieces
Because I got it like that
Make all the strippers love me
Because my tips stay fat
And my Lac is all that
Haven't you heard about it

1 - Got every ghetto in the country wanting it
Even if they playa hate, they bumpin it
I heard you lookin' 4 that real live gangsta shit
But they never saw me coming
Haven't you heard about it
All my niggas down South - I know what u like
All my peoples on the West - it's on 2 nite
Everybody in the East, believe me - anybody
talkin' beef can eat these
They never saw me coming

We made the front page story in every city
Couldn't believe all the niggas
That was down with me
Had all these other busters lookin' silly
We don't ride no pony
Just roll on Goldies nigga please
Come off that shit, this is a new era,
Straighten up your sideburns
Stop wearin' mascara
I hope it for the sake of sellin' records
Either way, you need to check yourself
For not being a real nigga
My mama told me I was unexplainable
Said I was gifted, but I chose to act a fool
But in the end, it was the fool
That got me through even back in school
I used to dream 'bout it
To have the whole world screamin'
Throw up they dub
Just wanna give 'em what they needin'
And show some love
Truth is I'm a thug, but I still can blow what
Now tell me the muthafuckin' problem

Repeat 1

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