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Darlin' Mary

So you're all in my mind
Let me tell you what I see
What seems so hard to find
Is just another part of me
When all of my friends come around
We love to just pass her, pass her
Don't have to be feelin' down
On the day after
And we've always been together
Since I can remember
So, we'll stay the same
You been salted up so bad but
I don't care what noboday say

1 - Darlin' Mary
You know I can't leave you alone
She makes me happy
And they say lovin' you is wrong
Can't be mad at me
She puts me in a zone
And I wish I had got me just a little bit to take home
I love my Darlin' Mary

So you think it ain't right
Well let me explain
I love my Darlin' Mary
She make my heart sang
Whenever I'm feeling lonely
I take a ride up the street
Give kayo his 20 dollars
He give Mary back to me
And she always stays a long time
Cause she likes Phillies
Can't fuck with no zags
And when she runs out
No need to go crazy
Just get another bag

Repeat 1

Now, I've been taught not to love nobody
But ain't nobody like Mary
And I don't mean to be selfish but I
I only like the best shit
So if you wanna get really lit put 10 on it
And we can go and get Mary

Repeat 1 (3x)

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