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TQ feat. Das Dilinger & Kurupt
The Comeback

(Rap by Daz)

I'm up at mom's house taped up
3 months re-habilitaing finally got my weight back up
She told me "I'm gonna pray to God that you'll be alright"
That's my only momma nigga, she knows what's on my mind
You shot my girlfriend when she was 3 months
There went my children found out it was more than one
You've got me limping and I can't move as fast
But I swear on baby grave that I"m gonna get that ass
What about my little sister, she use to get good grades
But now she's paranoid goin to school with a 38
Now how much of this do you think I"m gonna take
Nigga I'm comin' back

1 - All I'm sayin is you better not go to sleep
I'm coming to get you Nigga you made too big of a mess
I'm comin back
And you betta be watchin' everyone you meet
Might not be the one who stick ya
It could be one of your friends
I'm comin back
I won't lay down before you do that's on me
I"m tellin you fuck what you've been thinking
All I"m saying is you betta not go to sleep
Because I'm waiting to hit ya
Because I'm coming back...

Friday night again and I got a new Benz
Bus' a left on the 120th - I see you slippin
This nigga's in my hood tell me how can this be
Gotta thank the Lord for sending this blessin' down to me
I get my glock ready, Beenie can't shoot this time
As much as I been feelin and dreamin this mutha fuckas mine
I let my heat fly, I see him fallin down
And all I'm hearing is "K-Plaw, K-Plaw, Paw paw"
After the smoke clears I hear a baby screamin
I'm tryin to make it out but all I see is demons
Father forgive me if I hurt this child let die tonight
Walk up to the Beemer see the kids alright
I hand him to his cryin mama tell her turn away
Somebody punch up Daddy's number and it's Judgement Day
For anybody askin' questions you didn't even see my face
Or else I'm comin back

Repeat 1

(Rap by Kurupt)

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

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