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Truth Or Dare (Interlude)

Baby, my darlin' baby
I wanna know what turns you on
And it's so crazy how he amaze me
I can not wait to take you home

[Keisha] Alright so I am going to start it off
[Kima] Alright go ahead
[Keisha] Kima..
[Kima] What
[Keisha] Truth or dare
[Kima] Umm, truth
[Keisha] Umm, is it true that when you wake up in the morning your panties be crusty?
[Kima] Hell no!
[Keisha & Pam] Uh huh she lying
That's probably nut in her panties
Her panties be crusty as hell!
[Keisha] Alright your go, your go, your go
[Kima] Ok now "P", now what you want?
[Pam] I'mma go with the dare
[Kima] Dare, are you messin' with me girl?
I ain't doing no dare
[Pam] I'm going with the dare
[Kima] Alright
[Keisha] I say 12:00 tonight you go outside buck naked
And just run down the street a whole block ass naked
[Pam] What time is it, what time is it?
[Keisha] A quarter to, so get ready girl

[Kima] Hello?
[Girl] Hello, this kima?
[Kima] Yeah, what's up?
[Girl] What's up? Hey, what y'all doin'?
[Kima] I thought y'all was coming over
[Girl] Yeah, what y'all doin', we on the way
[Kima] We playing truth or dare
[Girl] Aww come on man, without me??
[Kima] You should have came...

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