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Sitting Home


I'll be sittin' baby
Oh ho

1 - Sitting home, waiting for you
Cause staring at these walls
Is all I do
I tried my best to be good to you
But you're never around
When I'm in the mood

I'm getting tired of being tired of your ways
You haven't come home or even called me today
And you don't know the pain when I'm feeling alone
I'm calling out your name when you're not even home

2 - And I need you with me babe
Can't see you leavin me babe
Cause I don't know no other road that I would go
And I hope your feelings change
Come bring your lovin' back to me
So I can give you all you need and much more

Repeat 1

All my friend think that I am a fool
Ever since you have been gone, I've been thinkin' so too
Just tell me what it is and what you feel I do wrong
We should stay together cause our love is so strong

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

By myself all day long
This feeling that I feel for you feels so strong
With myself all day long
This feeling that I feel for you since you've been gone

Repeat 1 (4x)

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