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There Will Be No Fucking Me Tonight (Interlude)

Shnck, nigga

Come on baby, I got your toe nails done for you
I.. I got the airbrush done
I even let them do the fill-in
Baby, just please...

But my daughter's sleep
I'm not even tryin' to hear her mouth tonight

Just baby...
Just baby, lay on top of me
Baby just let me...

I want some ice cream!


Now you woke her up

Well can you put baby here back to sleep
Come on baby, just...

I wanna bumble with the Bee, huh!
I want that tape

Well can you bzzz her back to sleep

You the one who woke her up!

I'm sorry baby
Just come here
Just let...

I want my Total CD

Look what you did

God, can you just put her to sleep
Baby, what is she, a Bad Boy fan?

Are you trying to do it to my mommy?

1 - We're not fucking, no, no fucking
There will be no fucking tonight
A lot of kissin', lot of huggin'
There will be no fucking me tonight
You get nothin', I get nothin'
I'm not bluffin'
No, no fucking me tonight
Cause when we do it, we might do it
But it won't be no fucking me tonight

I'ma just stand here
Watch you want it all night long
Then I'm gone tease you
Cause I know you wanna get in my drawz
I let you play with my kitty
I play with yours all you want
Soon as you think your slidin' in me
I'm gonna cut you off, because baby

Repeat 1

Verse two

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