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I Don't Wanna

Oh ho ho

I tore up the pictures
All the memories of you
Cause I don't wanna remember
All the pain you put me through
Here I go again
Can't get you far from out of my mind
And so many times I've cried
I tried to put these things behind me

1 - I don't wanna think about ya
I don't even wanna spend no time around ya
Everytime, I can't function without ya
Everytime I sit home thinkin' about ya

Repeat 1

I keep tellin' myself
I don't love you anymore
But why am I foolin' myself
Cause this feeling is not too sure
Everything I do
Just brings memories of us
And I don't wanna think about you
But I'm missing all of your love

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

2 - My heart's lonely
I've been so depressed for weeks
Can't get you off my mind for me
Someone has took the joy from me

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 (4x)

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