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Toni Braxton
Speaking In Tongues

I know that it's over but I still reminisce
'Bout the very first time that I saw you
And the first time that we kissed
I still recall the days of good old love we made
Without taking off our clothes
You spoke a language to my body, baby
So universal, you and me talking baby

1 - Ooh ahh, oh my, ooh la la la la
Talk to me, baby
Uhh, uhh
Speaking in tongues, babe with you

Maybe we could exchange a little conversation, yeah
315-3769, call me boy, anytime
Don't need no caller ID
Cuz I won't have anybody interrupting our call, uh uh
Talk dirty to me baby without talking at all
You got me singin' baby

Repeat 1

How do we play pretend
How do we do not sin
And be together making love forever
Then I will fantasize
Make you up in my mind
And intimately I will cry

Repeat 1 until fade

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