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Toni Braxton

Is tonight the night that you take control of me
Tell me boy, what's it really gonna be
Spending time for a while, oh daddy
Come close I'm straight, I'm feeling your style
I love the way you make me feel when you keep it real
When you're holding me, when you're spooning me
Oh, you look sexy when you're touching me
When you're bumping me gently

Sittin here waiting in my Vickey's
In the mirror imagining you're with me
Petit Cheri and I'm smelling real nice
And Jouet cold chillin' on ice
Coming over at a half past ten and
I'm wondering if I'm really gonna let him in
Give in, give it up, let it go
Or tell him no, or

1 - Should I give him some
Is this the night for fun

Check it out
So here it is and he comes right in
And I fix us drinks
And I start to think
About what I'm gonna do
Will a brother be true
As he sizes my body up and down
Can he beat the odds
Can he play it safe
Will he make me hot
Will he hit the spot
That I love a lot
Will he leave me hanging lonely, desperately
Will he go and tell all his friends
That we did it and we did it again
Had me weak between the sheets
will he say I was a real big freak
Maybe I should slow it down
Cool off my flow, relax
And let him know if this gets out
No more, no glove, no love
Oh no or

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Pretty baby
Love me like a lady

Should I say yes or no
Should I just let it go
Should I slow down my roll
Let me think cuz I really don't know
Don't know what to do about it baby
If I do it will I regret it?
Maybe I should just forget it
What about if he ain't got no dough?
Maybe I should let him go

Should I give him some?
Pretty baby

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