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Toni Braxton
Fairy Tale

And if I was wrong
I know I don't deserve this, yeah
Don't stay too long
I need to hear those words you used to tell me
From way back when we were just friends
Before this love affair began

1 - Tell me how I love you wins
Or how a broken heart can mend
Just tell me this is not the end
Please tell me now
How the fairy tale begins
Or how it was supposed to end
Please tell me that part again?

Tell me now
(Tell me now baby)
Tell me now
(Again baby)
Tell me now

Now tell me what's wrong
I never meant to hurt you, no baby ooh
Was it the home, the car?
Or darling all those things we thought we needed
But tell me even if it ain't true
But baby please don't say we're through, no, no

Repeat 1

Tell me now
(Tell me now baby)
Tell me now
(Work it out, darling)
Tell me now

I wanna know that feelin' that's from way back
A time when it was true
That love was sweet and innocent
When you and I could still be friends
Make all the wrong be right again
Where true love never has to end

Repeat 1

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