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Whispering Playa - Interlude

[Guy] OOOH! Whoo! Yo, yo, yo, yo whassup?
[T] Hey, what's up?
[Guy] Whassup whassup, whassup girl, whassup?
[T ] Mans, here go another one
[Guy] I can't believe
[T ] Whassup whassup how you doin'
[Guy] What's up in the air, ya nawumsayin?
[T ] Um hmmm
[Guy] I see your girl and you in here tryin' to floss or whatever
Why don't you just get ridda yo' friend?
[T ] Who, are you talkin about Chilli?
[Guy] Yeah, well you know ain't no, aww, you know I ain't even recognize
[T ] Girl...
[Guy] Whassup Left-Eye, you know what I'm saying?
You just regular ol' peeps and ey'thing
We can go and get in my stretch viper, you know what I'm saying?
We could split this club
[T ] Man, can you please just get outta my ear?
[Guy] Ooo, Oh, I got it I got it, I got it I got it
I see, y'all rollin together, ya nawumsaying?
We can just bounce to my crib, ya nawumsayin?
Do that menage et tois, ha ha
You know what I'm sayin', I'm down
We can burn it down
[T ] Chilli do you hear something?
[C ] Ha, girl come on let's go

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