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I Gotcha

Yo, yo, yo, give me the mic (one, two)
Test it, start blowin' it
Rhymes so cool you'll think that it's snowin'
I walk and school, I rule like Napolean
Some say I'm a little devil, but I'm holy in
Many a ways like I always say grace
Salt and Pepa adds much flavor and taste to the menu
How can you say lend you
A rhyme? I wanna see what's in you
Live on satellite you can watch us on cable
Remember Salt and Pepa are always sittin' at your table
When you sit dinin' we spicin' your meal
And on the dancefloor we hyped in your heel
The beat is so hot you gotta stand it, to dance
So if you ain't with it now's your chance
To get up and bill (ill) like a psychopath
I'll make ya light and laugh, blow on a mic, and pass it to Salt
You'll stop, yes, haul, you won't pass, she's strong like a ball
Those who try to dis we're back slappin' 'em
First female MC's to go platinum
Packin' 'em, stackin' 'em, makin' 'em, whackin' 'em
Showin' 'em, growin' 'em, rockin' 'em, and crackin'
A mic in half so pass me another one
Brother, one day you're gonna run away, but still I'll watch ya
From this day on I gotcha

(Go Sandy, get busy!)

Call me the Pepa, the one that's hot
Your whole mouth will tremble because I'm what
You call a jawbreaker - no, not the candy
My name is Sandy, my left hook comes handy
My partner Salt - I'm the greatest
Spinderella's cuts are the latest
Hubry fixes beats like a surgeon
All his sounds are fresh like a virgin
Give me a piece so I can beat on (feed on)
Yo, where's the dancefloor to put my feet on? (feet on)
I wanna dog (dog), hiccup (sure)
Slide across the floor so smooth you need this for speed
The slow man sendin' you to no man's land without a program
Hittin' like Conan
You want it fresh? Well here's a ripe one
I just wrote this rhyme, it's a hype one
And if you cannot rap, don't bite one
And if the pen runs out, I just type one
A nice one, I'm-a give ya never leave ya
Cuz I'm-a please ya, ease ya, and tease ya
A shocker is a person that'll rock ya
So don't look now boy, but I gotcha

(Bust it Sandy D.
Yo, what's up?)

Play this from the nightclub to the backyard
You can't help but to tap and nod
Just leave the stage cuz I'm gonna boom-bust
Salt and Pepa's in the house tonight, yes, large
Make your feet happy and your lip chappy
The rhyme you tried to save, boy, couldn't even tap me
To say the least, faze me, enemies praise me
Clean like a whistle, smellin' like a daisy
Party all the time, every day is a weekend
Play for the white, black, and the Puerto Rican
Athiests, Protestants, some say I was a sent
As a symbol to assemble with treble
Bass kick, turn up the switches
Taste, lick, drool on our pictures
One-two, one-two, one-two
We're not stoppin', we're going straight through to the climax
Make you climb and max, if not, relax
Pick you up like jacks by stacks
Bump you off like crack - smacks
To tip to the top you tried, but I blocked ya
Your butt is mine now I gotcha

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