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Salt'N'Pepa feat. Deidra "Spin" Roper
Good Life

(Ooh, yeah, SNP livin' the good life
Can you pace platinum and gold?
Lexus, drop top, gold, big houses, crazy dough...)

1 - I'm livin' a good life
No more showin' inside, ooh
I'm livin' a good life
I'm livin' the good life
A good life, a new life

Repeat 1

Crispy currency is my smell and the body's packed well
Can't you tell Spinderella got new clientele?
Well I'm livin' swell or should I say swollen?
I eats gourmet and it slides easy through my throat
And when I'm rollin', cruisin' in whatever car that I be usin'
Passin', no one moves, always in and never losin'
Now.. (who rocks the best?) yo, it doesn't matter
Cuz I live a little phatter, no concern about the chit-chatter
Once I heard the pitter-patter, I had to blow so
You know what happened, reach and grab for all the dough, yeah
Livin' good like a nubian queen should
Just put it on a little cuz it's all good

2 - Good life (I'm livin' the life, oh yeah, yeah), whoa whoa
I'm livin' the good life
No more wastin' my time
It's the good life, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
I'm livin' the good life (I'm livin' the life)
Yes, I made up my mind (Made up my mind, yeah, yeah)

Credit to the hills, pimpin', loungin' by the pool
And I love the way it feel, of course, I keep it real
Garcon, come here yo, I'm kinda parched
I want a big Blue Hawaii and easy on the liquor part
Plus an entree, forget about the buffet
Don't feel like walkin', these dogs are barkin'
Spend all of day shopping and I stopping to relax
My credit cards are maxxed and I wonder what's the tax
On 60K, call my accountant cuz I want to know today
But Lou that never played 'em in the black, baby
Schedule buzz is a moonlight cream (???)

Repeat 2

He runs smooth, ooh, I'm in a groove
Movin' in my land cruise cuz my Lexus caught a flat
So had to take it back
Gold and platinum albums bought me gold and platinum credit cards
I work hard, and now I'm livin' large, caviar, fast cars
Living lavishly, this has to be a dream
Then again I think not, I bust my ass to get the cream-team
My royalties exceed, brought me on my knees, please
Anything I want, anytime, anywhere I be
I know my C's will keep a-reelin' if I feel like skippin' town
No need to hang around another place we're pavin' out
We're climbing stars, we're gettin' into cars
And mixed drinks and live on bars
Chauffeur, once around the lot, Rodeo Drive is where I shop

Repeat 2

Repeat 2

(Livin' that, livin' that good life... S and P)

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