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Salt'N'Pepa feat. Queen Latifah and Mad Lion

Queen honey bee wannabes, they want to be in front of me
But it ain't no run in me, that's word to my son and me
Now you wanna be family cuz you see the Grammies
Playin' me close, ask me where's my man, how's my man?
Sandi be damned be, I keeps the cheese handy
Got the trap for you rats contrapped with the gammy
Jealousy be swellin' me, word
So I had to charge 'em at will and leave a bill like Bellamy
What are you tellin' me? Don't let me catch a felony
People trip out, bring out the hell in me
But I stay paid in full, faithful, and always grateful
Stay on guard, praise God, pity the hateful

Friends to the end for the ends did ya favors
Damn, why you wanna stick me for my papers?
Would have gave you the world now you can't catch a crumb
How you bum-bum-bitty come so dumb-dumb?
Remember when you was all busted, broke down, beat up
Even kept you as a friend when you stole to stay ??
Wanna be down with my business, we meet up
Schemin' like a demon on the couch with your feet up
Playin' like a summer may stain by far
Got mad I had the juice so you tried to take the jar
I feel for you, yes, I do
No fame, no crew, now what you gon' do Boo?
He say, she say, we say, why say
The fly way's my way, the trif' way hit the highway

You smile in my face but all the while you wanna take my place
Put it on a paper chase and you can't keep my pace
You're jealous cuz I'm this shit and you ain't
Far as I'm concerned, I don't know you from a can of paint (Hey yo, who you?)
No time to worry about who likes me, who didn't invite me
Behind my back callin' me shysty, that don't excite me
Backstabbers keepin' that he said/she said runnin'
Always in my business, I leave when I see you comin' (Yo, I'm out)
See you got the game twisted, I could care less
My house is bought and paid for, your rent's due, you're stressed
Nevertheless, you wanna keep some drama on blast
But I don't worry cuz I'm quick to come and check that ass

Check it, everybody sees you as preeny and teeny
You see me in 3-D and need me like a genie
All your wishes are washed up like lock up
We need to write a book called "Shit That Botched Up"
One thing that Sandi can't understand
The all the world jet but see a plentiful of hands
So tell me, how can we take 'em? Firmly you break 'em
Get 'em hot and bake 'em, run to miss 'em
I may say chase me cuz I don't chase them, chill, in fact
Like friends we are family with a bill attatched
Pep's that green-eyed monster, make them ill and that
Well if envy ever tempt me, Salt steer me back

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