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Enchantment Passing Through

A few more days will be home going
Already they'll be getting out the flags
With misfits high motive down touring
But still I only see a lot of slag's

1 - But just because I triumphed as a slava (oohh yeah)
Bring beauty back to Egypt by the ton (oohh yeah)
Of this an every month I'm now the flava (oohh yeah)
Been scheduled to the things I've never done

2 - And why should I tell you this
A stranger I just met
A women who in hours from now I'll servilely forget
Not a motive of in manning
Enchantment Passing Through
My secrets and my confidence
Safe in love with you

My days out in the field are all but ended
They put me out to grass which means a thrown
Been deckered with Dru's long side my intended
I feel as if my heart is setting strong

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 2

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