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Can't Believe

Hmm, no, no, no
No, hmm

You told me that you didn't love her anymore, oh
Then you turn around and you walked out the door, door
Now whether you go or if you stay babe
I'll still be loving you any way
I know that I just can't stand the pain

1 - And I can't believe
That she's the one you really love
And I can't believe
That she has your heart
Cause it seems to me
She's the one that you're thinking of
And I can't believe that he is gone
And she's the one that took your love away

I can't believe it's true
That you're not in my life, life
So tell me what did we go wrong, ooh baby
So now that you're gone
All I do is count the days
I'm sorry that you didn't wanna stay
But I will be loving you any way, hey

Repeat 1

Sooner or later you're gonna see
The mistake you've made my baby
And you're gonna run back to me
And you never should've made me cry
And boy let me tell you why
Cause you had the best, the very best
That's why I can't believe that you have gone away

Repeat 1 till end

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