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Do You Remember

It was three o'clock in the morning
And you told me to come over
Told me 'bout your crazy fantasy
So I jumped in my Rover
Had to climb up in your window
'Cause your moms and pops was asleep
When I did, you just took one look
And jumped all over me

1 - Girl what you did to me last night
It's something that I'd rather not mention
But you had me standing at attention
Do you remember?
Ah oh oh oh oh oh yeah
Do you remember
Remember what we did last night
We boned on your mama couch
And we knocked the springs right out
Do you remember?
Do you remember?

You told me this sexual thing
That you wanted to do
Also that I'm the first one
You ever did this to
You made me feel so good girl
I thought that I was dreaming
My mind was so far away, yeah yeah
I forgot what I was thinking

Repeat 1

Girl, he wrote this song for me


Girl, last night.. Mm. It was on.
We was all down on the couch & everything.
You shoulda saw me & Ginuwine

Baby. Baby, can you come downstairs right now?
I wanna talk to you

Comin'. I'll be right down.

Will you look at this?! What is this mess?! Look at this sofa!
There's a spring broken. It's all messed up!

I know. I know. I can't help it.

Wait a minute... I know what happened.
You were with that Ginuwine guy.
I told you about this guy! He's an entertainer. He's no good!

I know he's an entertainer but I love him! He loves me!
(Ginuwine comes back in)

Didn't I bring you up better?

Because you brought me up, you should know...
I just wanna be wit him.... I just wanna be wit him....
I just wanna be wit him... I just wanna be wit him.....

Repeat 1 till fade

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