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Foxy Brown feat. DMX
Dog & A Fox

Uhhhh, uhhhhhh
Let's do it, we're startin'
Uh, come on boogie boogie, uh, uh
Lets do it, let's do it, DMX, come on

I been playin' bitches all my life, from that hoe to my wife
You think I give a fuck, like you don't know I'm livin' trife
Strife and struggle, bitches with pussy on the juggle
Little shorty named Tomika from 25th who can smuggle
Cheese to that Columbian Connection
From that cross-the-water section
Baby nine-seventeen, try for protection
Injection of that shit I'm kickin'
Got you stickin' niggas you got love for
Bring 'em up, touch 'em with the buzz saw

Bitches slingin' rocks, swingin' glocks, bringin' knocks
Holdin' down the fort even when it's steamin' hot
Money's being got but honeys actin' shady
So I hit it with 5 between the 380's
Can't fox a 300 Mercedes
Time like this bring out the savage and shit
Bitches ain't keepin' it real, so I'm damagin' shit
I'm on that scavenger shit, and I'm hungry
Fox with the Dog, it's about to get ugly, for real

1 - Ya bitches suck a dick
(Ya'll niggaz eat a clit)
Yeah, you think you fuckin' slick
(Ya'll niggaz ain't shit)
Ya bitches suck a dick
(Ya'll niggaz want this bitch)
You think you fuckin' slick?

Repeat 1

[Foxy Brown]
Nigga fuck you, eat a fat boy
Do' I stacked on pussy, platinum and lace
Ain't no smile on my face
Shit, burn up by the waist
Fuck him right to the safe and tell him
Crack the bitch before I blast his bitch
Ya'll know Na-Na come through
Dime-chicks, iced up, minked out, rolly 6, light grey chrome 6
Go to ask, wanna fuck? Then throw the cash right
'Aye bitch needs some dick in they life
Make 'em cop you with rock or just copy some rocks
Take it all from his dumb-ass, slide on his bum-ass
I want some shit and I'm hungry, Dog with the Fox
It's about to get ugly

Repeat 1 (4x)

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