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One Voice

I had a dream a crazy vision
It may sound strange this intuition
But it was true beyond description
And somehow I knew that it was real
When I saw

1 - One sky above there is just one source of love
If I've got one chance one choice
I'll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

I've seen the fires of deep division
The hearts of stone, the cold ambition
But I have found my sacred mission
To live in this world and still believe
That there is

Repeat 1

A song, a song that heals
A melody of reason and freedom
With words that will speak for the weak
The hopeful and the strong
Sing it for everyone

Cuz there is

Repeat 1

Yes there is one sky above
One source of love
If I got one chance, one choice
Sing it from the heart, one song, one voice

Sing it with one song
One voice

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