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For so long
I was the one that you leaned on
Can't pretend
Cause my love is true, it should be me and you babe
Always knew
Someday that we would have a family
Don't know what to do
Cause in a week you're getting married

1 - Seven whole days and seven whole nights
It's not much time to make you mine
Knowing that girl should be here with me
I can't deny, my love I can't hide
Seven whole days and seven whole nights
To make you see you should be lovin' me
Whatever you want, gonna make you feel right
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah

Don't wanna hurt her
But you're leaving me, I just can't compete
It may not seem fair
But in love and war there are no casualties
I just want what's mine
Boy you're takin' back what belonged to me
I'm gon' change your mind
And I guarantee you're gon' be leaving with me

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

The flowers are coming today
I hope she hasn't picked out a dress already
I hope she picked out a ring that I'll like
Cause it's going to be on my finger tonight (night yea)

Repeat 1 until fade

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