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Don't Go Breaking My Heart

So many nights I felt your beating heart
As we were deep in the dark
I watch you sleeping tight
Protect you from the light
As if you were a child
Then put a kiss on your lips

1 - Don't you go breaking my heart
Stay for awhile
I'll make it all right (make it all right)
Cause if you go breaking my heart (go breaking)
Then I won't survive (can't survive)
So stay for tonight

Oh ho

This can't be right
Cause each and everytime
I look deep in your eyes
I see the shining stars
Beautiful work of art
Still we just never part
Let's talk it through you and I, and tonight oh ho

Repeat 1

[Misha] (Meelah)
Is there something that I should have done? (Should have done)
Tell me where did our love go wrong
Is there something I could have said
To make you stay
For all the way (oh ho ho ho ho ho oh)

Repeat 1 until fade

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